Attention to Fungal Infections!

Attention to Fungal Infections!

Attention to Fungal Infections!

Fungal Infections are caused by mushrooms and mushrooms are found everywhere in nature. They can be transmitted from air, soil, animals and humans.

Fungal disease is an infection that usually appears in the form of itching, redness, watering and flaking that settles in keratinized tissues such as hair, skin and nails.

It increases especially in summer. If untreated, other infections can be added to the fungus. It can spread to the lymph nodes and cause inflammation of the lymph node. It may cause skin and subcutaneous soft tissue infection such as celluloid and erysipelas. If it progresses, an illness called elephant foot can be seen.

Mushroom species

Nail fungi (Onychomycosis) is a fungal infection of the nail. The shape of the nail deteriorates, loses its brightness, becomes thick yellow or yellow-brown. Usually, the fingernails tend to hold the toenails, and the fingernails are not often held. Common places such as slippers, shoes, shared showers, pools, or bare feet can cause footprints.

Pubic mushroom (T. inguinalis), on the front, upper and inner surface of the thigh, usually has symptoms such as itching, redness and blistering.

Body fungus (T. corporis) begins with symptoms such as redness, flaking, itching. As the lesion proceeds in the form of a ring around its periphery, its middle region begins to improve. It is more common in the groin area in men and under the breast in women. Similar infections can occur in children in the area where the diaper is attached. The causative agents in the diaper area and the nipple area are often Candidae. It can also be seen on the hands due to itching of the mushroom area. You shouldn’t underestimate the effects of fungal infections.

Genital zone fungi are manifested by whitish creamy discharge, itching and redness. Wetness, maceration, pregnancy, diabetes and antibiotic use may be the cause of the disease or increase the existing disease.

Tinea verzicolor is a fungal infection that often affects the skin of teens, especially the chest, back, upper arm and leg. It usually does not affect the face.

In addition to the shapes mentioned above, fungal infection is also seen in babies in the form of white or red plaque on the tongue. This is caused by candida yeast fungi.

Candida species can also cause systemic infections. Laboratory tests are needed to make a definitive diagnosis of the infection.


  • It is more common in hot and humid environments.
  • Commonly used showers and pools other than slippers, socks, shoes can provide contamination.
  • Wearing the same closed shoes or boots for long periods or walking around bare feet can cause fungus.
  • Excessive sweating also sets the ground for this fungus.
  • In some infectious diseases, especially AIDS
  • In the long-term use of some topical and systemic drugs
  • Often on the scalp in pre-adolescent children
  • It is seen in pregnancy, diabetics and advanced patients of cancer patients, patients with broken body resistance.

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