How deep is the vagina and 10 other things you need to know

How deep is the vagina and 10 other things you need to know

How deep is the vagina and 10 other things you need to know

There are many misunderstandings about how the vagina works and its care. Some think that the vagina is an endless open space and smells only when something goes wrong.

Let’s take a look at what is real and what is legendary.

How Long Is The Vaginal Canal?

It’s not that long. On average, it is 7-14 cm long. If you want to evaluate visually, it is about the length of your hand. However, the shape of the vaginal canal may vary in some situations, such as sexual intercourse or birth.

1- Will it become longer when warned?

It may become longer during sexual intercourse to provide vaginal canal penetration. Sexual stimulation allows the cervix and uterus to be pulled upward, which can lead to the elongation of the upper part of the vagina.

However, if you feel that the penis is touching the cervix, it may mean that your body is not yet ready for full penetration. Of course, this is not the only reason. It can be touched when your cervix is ​​too deep or when the penis is longer than average sizes. The average size is around 12-13 cm.

2- How does it flex at birth?

The vaginal canal and vagina opening stretch seriously for the baby’s passage. Some women who give birth may notice changes in their vagina, such as relaxation or dryness, or may appear wider than before. There may also be pain and pain. This is completely normal.

The vagina becomes firmer a few days after birth and returns to its normal shape in about 6 months. It would be pretty close, although not exactly the same as before.

3- Can the vagina not be permanently flexed?

No. This is one of the big misunderstandings about the vagina. The vagina cannot be permanently stretched. The vagina is elastic, which means it can flex like a rubber band and return to its original state.

If you feel that the vagina has become looser over time, this may be the result of two scenarios. The elasticity of the vagina may weaken and may not be fully reclaimed. This can occur in women who have multiple births. Aging also weakens the vaginal muscles regardless of the child.

4- Should I Do Kegel Exercise?

Pelvic floor muscles may weaken over time due to:

  • birth
  • operation
  • aging
  • straining due to constipation and cough
  • weight gain

Kegel exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thereby supporting the bladder, uterus, rectum and small intestines.

It can also prevent and control urinary and stool irregularities.

5- Does the clitoris also grow?

Yeah. When you are warned, the clitoris swells and pulls, that is, it is hidden. The clitoris does not change size as much as the penis with sexual stimulation, but its size definitely increases.

6- Do The Sexual Regions of All Women Look the Same?

No. The appearance of the vagina, lips, clitoris and genital area is unique to you. The lips can be asymmetrical or the clitoris may be small. The skin in this area may be darker or lighter than your normal skin color.

Even though there are average sizes and shapes, everyone’s genital organs are different.

7- Why is Skin Darker in the Sexual Zone?

It is completely normal for the skin in the genital area to differ from the rest of the skin. For example, in some women, the lips are brown or red, while in others they may be pink or purple.

Genitals become darker when you are stimulated. Increased blood flow to the region causes swelling and the color of the clitoris and inner lips may change.

However, if your vagina is chronically purple, there may be a fungal infection or chronic irritation of the vulva. If you are concerned about color, make an appointment with your doctor.

8- Are Feathers Necessary?

Hair in the sexual area is your personal preference. They are not necessarily necessary for vagina health.

However, there are some risks according to the method of shaving the area. For example, razor burns, cuts, or itching from hair that has not been removed properly.

9- Should I Wash the Vagina?

Although it is common to wash the vagina, doctors do not recommend it. The vagina cleans itself naturally and therefore no extra measures are required.

During washing, you destroy the natural, healthy bacteria of the vagina, and also acid levels change temporarily, which can lead to the development of harmful bacteria. So your vagina becomes open to vaginal infections and venereal diseases.

10- Does It Smell Different At Different Times Of The Month?

It is completely understandable that you are afraid when smell comes from your vagina. But in reality it is normal for the vagina to have some odor.

For example, there may be changes depending on nutrition. Garlic, tuna, or dietary supplements can have an effect. There may be a change in vaginal odor and density in the menstrual cycle.

If there is a persistent and bad smell, as well as intense and green discharge, see a doctor immediately. There may be an infection or bacterial imbalance. The doctor may prescribe medication to detect odors and discomfort.

As a result

The depth, smell and color of the vagina are not the same for everyone. But if you are worried about things like color loss or bad smell in the vagina, talk to your doctor. It can check if everything is normal, and if there is a problem, it can help you start treatment.

However, do not forget that everyone’s vagina is different and this is not a problem.

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