Things to Consider During Menstrual Period

Things to Consider During Menstrual Period

What Should Women Pay Attention To During Menstrual Period?
Every woman of childbearing age has her period every month. During this period, there are situations that young girls and women should pay attention to. It is a period of emotional changes and body changes. During the menstrual period, situations such as fatigue, weakness, chest pain, constipation, acne and distress are experienced. Menstrual aches and pains that increase upon these situations cause a more difficult period. In this content, we will talk about the difficulties experienced during the period, eating habits, psychological and physical problems experienced during this period and their solutions for our valuable readers.

What Happens During Menstrual Period?

  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Chest pains
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Stress
  • Acne
  • Irritability
  • ache
  • Pain
  • Palpitation
  • Increased appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Tension
  • Precision
  • Swelling in the body
  • Head and groin pain
  • Crying crises
  • Hot flashes

Nutrition During Menstrual Period

Young girls and women should take good care of themselves during menstruation. Especially nutrition emerges as a major factor in this situation. Adequate and regular nutrition should be provided during this period. Liquid consumption should be taken into consideration.

There is an increase in appetite during the menstrual period. At the same time, sweet cravings are frequent. Therefore, attention should be paid. Some foods that are consumed unconsciously during this period make the period more difficult. Salt use should be minimized 1 week before the menstrual period. Salt should be used at a minimum level in normal time, but the salt used before this period ensures fluid retention in the body. For this reason, it increases the sensitivity, that is, swelling and tension in the breasts. Therefore, salt consumption should be minimized before and during the period. Like the use of salt, care should be taken to minimize the use of sugar. Sweet crises during menstruation increase the consumption of chocolate and chocolate-like products. Chocolate causes insomnia in people. If the demand for chocolate is excessive, dark chocolate should be consumed, but sweet cravings should generally be met with peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. You can meet your sweet needs by eating light desserts.

Coffee, tea, acidic and alcoholic beverages should not be used during the period. Especially acidic drinks should not be used in terms of health. In such a sensitive period, it should definitely not be used. Since coffee and tea contain caffeine, it causes insomnia and restlessness. Likewise, alcohol use causes insomnia, restlessness and tremors. Therefore, alcohol, coffee, tea and acidic drinks should not be consumed. Red meat, milk and dairy consumption should be reduced. Excessively fatty foods and pastries should not be consumed. White meat, fish and chicken should be consumed. Fiber foods should be consumed generally. Care should be taken to consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. Dried fruits should also be eaten during the period. In this way, the desire for dessert is also satisfied. Liquid consumption should be done with water. Drinking enough water is good for the body.

  • Salt and sugar consumption should be reduced
  • Coffee, tea and acidic drinks should not be drunk
  • Red meat consumption should be reduced
  • Milk and dairy consumption should be reduced
  • Alcohol and smoking should not be used
  • Chocolate should not be consumed
  • Vegetables and fruits should be consumed
  • Dry fruits should be consumed
  • White meat should be consumed

Hygiene During Menstrual Period

During menstruation, women and girls should pay more attention to hygiene. By showing outside the menstrual period, sensitivity should be shown more tightly during this period. There are pads produced for this period. Pads produced with different brands and contents should be selected carefully. These products should be soft and cottony. Cottony and non-soft products can damage your skin and genital area. Therefore, it should be used carefully. Pads are for single use only. It is used in underwear. It provides the absorption of blood that comes at the time of menstruation. Care should be taken to use the pads. Usually it should be changed every 4 hours. This situation differs according to bleeding. Bleeding varies in each person. Therefore, different types of pads were prepared. The person should choose the pad according to his own situation. At the same time, people using pads should be careful that these products are not exposed.

If the pad is not clean, it may cause you to experience illness. When using the product, your hands should be clean. In fact, you should avoid touching the side that will touch your private area. In some regions, namely rural areas, pads are not used. Blood absorption is usually provided by using a cloth. In these cases, cotton fabrics should be preferred. The fact that it is not soft and cottony as in the pads may cause some discomfort to the private area. These cloths should be cleaned very well. Attention should also be paid to its change. In addition to pads and cloths, the use of tampons has become widespread recently. The use of tampons varies from person to person. The tampon is manufactured correctly and cleanly, but it can cause infections at times. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before using it.

Apart from these, more attention should be paid to toilet cleaning during this period. Cleaning should be done from the front to the back. After cleaning, the genital area should become dry. It causes the growth of fungus and different bacteria in the non-dry genital area. At the same time, hair removal should not be done during this period. The products used can cause infection and irritation. Products suitable for genital cleaning should be preferred.

  • Pad should be used
  • Pads should be soft and cottony
  • Pads should be changed on time
  • Care should be taken in toilet cleaning
  • The genital area must be clean
  • The genital area should be dry
  • Menstrual period hair removal should not be done
  • Products suitable for genital cleaning should be preferred.

Psychology During Menstrual Period

Emotional changes are experienced before and during my period. This condition is called premenstrual tension syndrome. Usually stress is the first of these. Many conditions are also seen in the pre-menstrual tension syndrome. These situations continue throughout the period. There are insomnia, tension, tenderness, swelling in the body, fatigue, weakness, changes in appetite, head and groin pain, clumsiness, crying crises and hot flashes.

Menstrual Period and Importance of Exercise

The menstrual period is a difficult and exhausting process that women have to cope with every month. In addition to the aches and pains experienced in this process, problems such as tension, swelling and edema are common in women. Although it may sound meaningless to recommend exercise when it is very difficult to get out of the bed, let alone exercise, it is one of the most effective ways to cope with this process. The pain relief effect of exercise is a reality accepted by medicine. In addition, we must say that the effect of sports during menstruation is more effective than normal time.

Relax Your Body with Yoga and Pilates

Pilates and yoga are of great importance for you to spend your menstrual period with minimal damage. If you start yoga a few days before your period, your pain in the first two days of your period will become more bearable. These two principles, which aim to relax and stretch your body, will help you reduce the tension that begins with your period before your period begins. You can get away from your problems such as muscle fatigue, fatigue, breast tenderness and cramps thanks to exercise and get rid of this process in a peaceful way.

Things to Consider While Exercising During Menstrual Period

  • Avoid explosive exercises that increase intra-abdominal pressure.
  • If you are weight training, drop the weights.
  • The more heat, the better you stretch.
  • Avoid team sports and exercises where reflex is important.
  • During this period, swimming, walking and yoga can be preferred.
  • During this period, you should start pushing to improve yourself. Both your high exercise capacity and resistance to the pain caused by the late follicular phase make you exercise more challenging.
  • Long-term high-tempo cardio, multiple repetitive light-weight weight exercises can be preferred.
  • Long runs and cardio sessions can be challenging. Do not worry.
  • You should start filling your carbohydrate stores during this period.
  • Because muscle and liver carbohydrate stores are more prone to fill during this period.

In order to overcome this period easily, people should apply different methods. Sports and exercise have a relaxing feature in this period as in every period. Easy and light applications, exercises and sports help people to relax. It also reduces pain and abdominal pain. It provides mind relaxation and calmness as well as body comfort. Usually, walks help with this. Walking has an effect on body and mind health. During these periods, it supports people to be peaceful by removing stress. Frequently practiced yoga and meditations today are the greatest support during the period. In order to reduce the stress and anxiety experienced during the menstrual period, yoga is good for the person. At the same time, meditation and breathing exercises both help reduce pain and relax one’s soul. These methods provide self-suggestion.

  • Sport
  • Exercise
  • Walk
  • Meditation
  • Yoga