What are the symptoms of vaginal fungus? How many days does vaginal fungus pass? What is good for vaginal fungus?

What are the symptoms of vaginal fungus? How many days does vaginal fungus pass? What is good for vaginal fungus?

Vaginal fungus is common in women. If your vaginal area has dark colored discharge, poor milky discharge, an intense discharge and itching, then you are faced with vaginal fungus. Vaginal fungus is not sexually transmitted, but can be spread sexually. “What is vaginal fungus?”, “What causes vaginal fungus?”, “What are the symptoms of vaginal fungus?”, “How is vaginal fungus treatment done?”, “Is there any herbal remedy for vaginal fungus?” You can read more of these questions in our article.

Vaginal fungus; It appears with dark colored discharge in the vaginal area, a discharge that looks like milk, intense discharge and itching. Vaginal fungus, which is pronounced as candida albicans in medical language, is a condition that must be treated.

Vaginal yeast infection cannot be considered a sexually transmitted infection. However, during the first regular intercourse, the risk of vaginal yeast infection may increase. Vaginal yeast infections can be treated with medications. If your vaginal fungus keeps recurring (4 or more in 1 year), you may need longer treatment in such cases. The use of antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes, impaired immune system, and increased estrogen levels can increase the risk of developing a fungal infection.

What causes vaginal fungus?

There is a certain rate of bacterial and fungal growth in the vaginal areas of all women, and this is quite normal. The fungus is kept under control by beneficial bacteria. If the bacteria decrease, the fungus starts to grow and the problems that appear as symptoms begin.

What are the causes of vaginal fungus?

  • Use of antibiotics
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Wearing tight pants, wet swimwear or underwear, staying with a wet pad for a long time
  • Using a very high percentage of sweet, sugar and sweeteners
  • Use of intrauterine devices
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

As with all types of fungi, the vaginal fungus Candida fungus develops and grows in a moist and dark environment. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid synthetic and nylon underwear, which will cause the vagina to remain more moist than it should be, and instead to prefer cotton underwear.

What are the symptoms of vaginal fungus?

  • Excessive itching of the vagina or vulva
  • A thick vaginal discharge with no white odor
  • Watery vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal pain
  • Redness and swelling in the vulva

How is vaginal fungus treated?

If you have symptoms that suggest that you are facing vaginal yeast, you should first go to a doctor for a correct diagnosis. If you have experienced vaginal yeast disease before and have been treated, it means you have experience in this regard. You can get rid of this discomfort as soon as possible with the cream and treatment methods recommended by your doctor before.

The most important point you should be careful about during vaginal fungus treatment is not to have sexual intercourse. Having sexual intercourse can prolong the treatment process and may cause some problems in your partner as it can be contagious.

If complaints such as chills, cramps and fever start to occur during the treatment, see your doctor immediately.

Can vaginal fungus be treated at home?

Home treatment of vaginal fungus can take a long time. Therefore, those suffering from vaginal yeast discharge should take appropriate medication. However, they can try apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy before seeing a doctor. It should not be forgotten that such treatments may cause side effects, and a doctor should be consulted if any side effects are seen.

What is good for vaginal fungal itching?

If the woman with vaginal yeast infection is sexually active, suppository treatment, if she has not experienced sexual intercourse before, oral medication called vaginal yeast pills should be used. Vaginal fungal creams are used to support the treatment. In addition, vaginal fungus natural and herbal treatment options can be used as a support for treatment.

How many days does vaginal fungus heal?

If the person’s immune system is strong, when the condition that causes vaginal fungus is eliminated, the vaginal fungus can pass by itself. Often, it can take some time to heal, and over this time, a yeast infection can become an even bigger problem, so vaginal yeast should be treated instead of waiting for it to go away on its own. In addition, if the vaginal fungus is not treated in time, it can infect the anus and decrease the quality of life of the person.

How to prevent vaginal fungus?

  • Do not wear tight pants and tight tights all the time.
  • Choose cotton underwear, not synthetic or nylon.
  • Do not touch the outside or inside of the vagina with perfumed cream, shampoo and powder.
  • Do not leave your underwear, swimwear and pad wet for a long time.

Will my partner get a vaginal fungus?

Some types of fungi can be sexually transmitted to both you and your partner. If both of you have symptoms such as itching, burning and discharge, you should definitely go to the doctor together and apply the treatment together. If one of you does, the fungus remains present and continues to be transmitted.

Is there any herbal treatment that is good for vaginal fungus?

Some herbs can be used to treat vaginal fungus. Tea tree oil, wild thyme oil, probiotic supplements, and natural yogurt can be used to pass vaginal fungus.