A Comprehensive Guide about Yeast Infection in Men

A Comprehensive Guide about Yeast Infection in Men

Professional Advice For Men Deals with Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is more commonly associated with women but men and children too can contract the fungus Candida albicans and have an outbreak. If you are wondering can men get yeast infections, then the answer is a definite yes but it is of a different nature.

Yeast infection in men is not the same as an outbreak in women due to the many physiological differences. Let us explore when, why and how can guys get yeast infections.

Yeast Infection in Men

There are three types of yeast infection in men. Oral thrush is a common type of yeast infection in men. It affects the mouth. The outbreak may be confined within the mouth or it may spread to the lips. The other type of yeast infection is on specific parts of the body, usually armpits, chest and back, at times shoulders. This is not very common though. The third type is penile yeast infection.

Penis yeast infection in men is not as common as vaginal outbreaks in women. It should be noted that men are not naturally vulnerable to yeast infection of any type. If you have penile yeast infection then it is likely due to having unprotected sex with a woman who has vaginal yeast infection at the time.

There is sufficient evidence to link diabetes, hygiene and other health conditions with yeast infection in men. Those who have unusually high blood sugar are more vulnerable. Men who do not pay heed to hygiene and rarely groom themselves are also more likely to contract fungi and have an outbreak.

Serious health conditions, especially those that affect immunity and causes changes in natural secretion of hormones, can either facilitate an outbreak or worsen yeast infection in men. Men who have a circumcised penis may be less vulnerable. Medications can have an adverse effect. Some extremely strong medicines cause hormonal imbalance and can also affect immunity. Such drugs should be reviewed if you have a yeast infection.

Yeast Infection Men Causes

The most common cause of yeast infection in men is unprotected sex with a woman who is already infected. It does not have to be sexual intercourse. Oral sex can also lead to transmission of the fungi from the vaginal tract of a woman to the mouth of a man. Sexual intercourse without using a condom makes transmission easier.

The female vagina is much more moist and warm than the male penis. Yet, the male penis is warmer and moister than other parts of the body so it has a suitable environment for fungi to thrive. It is not a given that a man will contract the fungus Candidas albicans or other fungi during sexual intercourse with a woman without using a condom. There is a possibility. Also, it is not a given that every man who contracts the fungi will have an outbreak.

It is quite possible that the transmission of the fungi is not sufficient enough to cause an outbreak. A man may also have natural immunity against such fungi. There are women too who have excessive growth of fungi in their vagina but do not actually have an outbreak of yeast infection.

There are other facilitating causes of yeast infection in men. Wearing extremely tight underwear, recycling undergarments without proper cleaning and drying, using poor quality fabrics that do not allow the genital area to be naturally comfortable and hygiene have an important role. Some men choose to use poor quality products for grooming and personal hygiene.

These products contain chemicals that can alter the environment in the genital area and in the penis. Such exposure can make a man more vulnerable to yeast infection. It is best if a man and woman do not engage in sex with yeast infection. It is also wise to resist intimate contact as close and prolonged touches can also lead to a transmission of the fungi.

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

The specific symptoms of yeast infection in men depend on the affected area and the severity of the outbreak. If it is oral thrush or yeast infection in the mouth, then there will be white spots. These white spots may be itchy and irritating. They are usually very sensitive and can be painful. They may or may not turn red.

Swelling varies from one man to another. The white spots may be limited to just one part of the mouth, for example the tongue or inside the lower lip. The spots may spread. These usually do not spread beyond the mouth. Male yeast infection symptoms in case of a penile outbreak are not as obvious as the signs of a vaginal infection in women.

It is possible for there to be no symptoms of yeast infection in men. The genital area and the penis may look absolutely normal but there can be strange sensations. Many men ignore these strange sensations as transient feelings.

It is only when someone feels a bit of pain while urinating or during sex that one takes the symptom seriously. Cognizable male yeast infection symptoms are irritation and itchiness while urinating. There can be sores on the foreskin or even inside. Discomfort and pain get worse as the infection turns severe.

Yeast infection men symptoms also include discharge. This is not exactly the kind of discharge women have. Male discharge is white but lumpy. It has a foul odor. Vaginal discharge can be odorless. Discharge during penile yeast infection in men is rarely odorless.

The penis and especially the tip may turn more red than usual. The inflammation is obvious when the penis turns red. Some men have rash. Some men have bumps, with or without pus oozing out in due course of time. Most men will notice some white patches on the penile skin.

Male yeast infection symptoms in case of oral thrush are white or yellow spots on the gums, inner cheeks, tongue, tonsils and lips. Some bumps may bleed if scraped. These parts of the mouth usually burn while eating certain foods or drinking hot beverages. They are also sensitive to cold. There can be some crack or breakage too. If the patches develop on the tonsils or deep inside the mouth then you will experience some trouble while swallowing.

Whether it is oral thrush or penile yeast infection, men should be alert and take immediate remedial action. Allowing the infection to thrive will only prolong the pain and discomfort. Yeast infection in men can also spread and if the symptoms are on the visible parts of their face and body then the outbreak can disrupt normal life.

Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

There is more than one yeast infection men cure. There are many companies making different types of yeast infection men cream that have antifungal properties. You can try an effective male yeast infection home remedy as well. Eating yogurt can provide relief from symptoms of oral thrush and also counter the thriving fungi in the mouth. Applying yogurt on the affected penile area can also have the same effect.

Tea tree oil, oregano oil and coconut oil can be applied on the penis. Boric acid may be used as a yeast infection men cure. Garlic has antifungal properties. Placing a clove or bits of garlic inside the mouth can speed up healing. Probiotic supplements and suppositories are also effective yeast infection men cure. It is not always necessary to see a doctor. Yeast infection men symptoms usually subside in three days or so, unless the outbreak is severe.

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